Early this morning NBC sports reported New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees got together for the first time today to be the first of number of organized workouts. This morning session was held by 37 players, Brees indicated the Saints are going to be ahead of the rest of the league when the lockout ends.

He quoted “We would all be working out somewhere anyway, so why not do it together.” “ I feel like this is putting us way ahead of the other teams by having it so organized.”

Brees at the same time is one of the plaintiffs in the players’ lawsuit against the NFL and specially understands why many players choose not to participate in organized workouts or activities while there is still a lockout.

He also stands firm on making these workout the players own decision. Therefore, its not mandatory for a Saints team member to decide whether he needs to show or not. Brees said I don’t blame them if they’re not here,” of the Saints who didn’t attend.” “We have no injury protection [as we would] if we were at the facility. You take a risk by being here.”

But it’s a risk that Brees thinks will yield a great reward for the Saints when the season get on its way.

Looking like the Saints knowhow to return to Super Bowl form, and nothing wrong with starting in early May. We will see if other teams follow and conduct similar workouts in the near future.