New Orleans Saints, NFC South Champions Once Again

Written By Oren Shiri

The mighty black and gold led by quarterback Drew Brees, are back in the playoffs. Let’s not over exert this but the New Orleans Saints, ready to be challenged by anything that stands in there way and take the city to another Super Bowl. Head Coach Sean Payton injured earlier in the year himself has kept the team motivated and on top of their game. After punishing their division foes the Atlanta Falcons Monday night the Saints secured at least the third spot in the NFC playoff race and are Champions of the NFC south.

To start with Brees seems to be breaking records left and right. Just this past week he threw for over 400 yards and five touchdown passes with a completion percentage of 80.0 with zero interceptions against the Vikings. And on Monday night he was again spectacular as he broke Dan Marino long time passing record in the season. An incredible day for a super leader and quarterback that simple deserves the MVP.

Against the Vikings it was the second time this year Brees completed 80.0 of his passes, threw for over 400 yards and scored five touchdowns on that occasion as well. In the Monday night game it may have seem tougher for him but he managed to throw for 307 yards and four tochdowns against Atlanta strong defense unit. 

No other quarterback this season has done that not even Mr. Aaron Rodgers from Green Bay or Pretty Boy, Tom Brady of the New England Patriots.  On Monday night Brees finally broke Dan Marino’s passing record this season. Coming into the game he only needed 305 yards and he had know problem snatching it  up, with the all the great support around him.

Now Brees is ready to take the team down the stretch, something he has more experience doing. The playoffs are just around the corner and he is the brightest star on the field right now. In the past six games Brees is averaging 339 yards per game, with 24 touchdowns and only three interceptions. Prior to the two on Monday, the last interception came in a win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers where the Saints defeated the Bucs 27-16.

Brees is a special player not only on the field but for the community of New Orleans. He has provided leadership with not only an accurate arm but also an unrivaled team spirit, to “Who Dat” Nation. Following the motivational cheer in pregame is something special not only for the Saints but the entire community.

His supporting cast offense is mixed of players like rookie running back Mark Ingram and veteran backs like Darren Sproles and Pierre Thomas becoming the triple threat or three headed monster on the field and when one of them are on the sideline Chris Ivory is right there to plus in a hole where needed.  On the field the potent squad seems to become more potent every game.  The wide outs are full over veteran players like Marcus Coleston, Robert Meachem and Lance Moore leading the way and playing like contenders once again. Coleston leads the wide receiving core with 998 yards and six touchdowns one coming in the game against the Falcons.

On the defensive side of the ball the Saints are full off great veterans in every position. No matter what player on the team gets called upon the defense squad no how to attack and according to Adrian Peterson of the Vikings has become the dirtiest team in the NFL.

I take that as a complement, the Saints no exactly how to get inside the opposing offense teams head so well that not even there top offensive players can deal with it.

Head coach Payton is a general of the Saints when they get ready for the battle field. A team now viewed dirty by some is led by one of the NFL coaching greats. He has become a favorite to not only his players and “Who Dat” nation but NFL fans globally.

With the Saints already locking up a playoff spot it’s unclear if Payton wants to play his starters like Brees this coming week since they already lock up the NFC south. So week 17 may leave some questions on which players are starting but that's a good to have that problem.

Other problems may arise as the team gets deeper in the playoffs like the disadvantages to possibly playing in Lambeau field in the mist of the cold winter. Playing in the dome does not prepare the team for all and any environmental changes they need to play in. But then again it may have its advantages at home so it’s just simply going to have to work both ways for the Saints if they are to return to the Super Bowl.

Saints look and feel more powerful than ever before and are well on their way to snatching up their second Lombardi Trophy in three years. With the right core of players gelling well together and with great chemistry inside there coaching staff led by Payton and defense mastermind Gregg Williams there’s no doubt they’re well on their way to the Super Bowl once again. Even though to some the defending champion Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers may have a little say about that.

New Orleans, is ready to plan ahead for another extended Mardi Gras, and the Saints are willing to lead the parade.