Carolina Panther TE Jeremy Shockey today apologized on Twitter for his behavior during Sunday's game against the Saints.  After Deangelo Williams' TD run Sunday, the former Saints TE stood mid-field, turned to the Saints' bench then grabbed his crotch facing his former coaches & teammates. Throughout Sunday's game, Shockey repeatedly made obscene hand gestures including the one-finger salute & the BS sign.

Today he Tweeted: "I hold myself accountable. It was a classless move by me. No one takes losses worse than me." Duh!!!

Before the game Shockey told reporters, "I have a lot of respect for everyone in that organization, but that was first time I have ever been cut or released in my life so I'm not going to sit here & say I don't have a bitter taste in my mouth about being pushed off to side and being told, 'See you, good luck.'"

Shockey has a Superbowl XLIV ring to remind him of his three seasons with the Saints. The Saints released Shockey in the offseason & upgraded his former starting job with 2nd year TE Jimmy Graham, a onetime University of Miami basketball player who had 1 year of college football experience before the NFL.  The 24-year-old Graham is now the 4th leading receiver in the NFL.

At Sean Payton's Friday press conference last week, the Saints Head Coach called Shockey one of his "favorite players" that he's ever coached & gave him credit for developing Graham. "I'm a huge fan of his," Payton said of Shockey. "What you're seeing from Jimmy Graham are the same things we saw from Jeremy Shockey in his earlier years."

When told Payton considered him one of his favorite players, Shockey replied "If I was one of his favorite players I might still be there." (The Who Dat Nation shudders at the notion.)

Shockey also refused to shake hands with his former teammates after the game, opting to stomp off to the locker room to pout. Shockey had three catches for a whopping 21 yds. in the Panthers' 30-27 loss. By contrast, Graham had 8 catches for 129 yds. in the Saints' 30-27 victory.

Once again proving that Twitter's the worst thing to happen to NFL players since child support & drug testing, the Panthers' 2nd best TE also posted:

"I have offended God and mankind because my work did not reach the quality it should have. Need to get more chances to help my team win."

"All the rings I won from high school, college, and in the pro level really means nothing... Competing means everything!!"

As does shutting your mouth & letting your play ON the field talk for you.  During last year's B.P. Oil Disaster, I met Shockey. Or rather, tried to when the entire Saints organization trekked an hour south of New Orleans to my Gulf Coast fishing community in lower Plaquemines Parish during the B.P. Oil Spill. Arguably the hardest hit by the disaster, Plaquemines' seafood industry-based economy shutdown for four wretched months & is STILL struggling to recover 16 months later.

The Saints held the event in a gravel parking at historic Fort Jackson in 100 degree heat. Coach Payton, Drew Brees & Saints' owner Tom Benson were there, as was Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.  The entire team was out there on the gravel shaking hands, signing autographs, posing for photos & lifting spirits. Where was Shockey?

Several feet away from me for all of TWO mintues. Shockey got off the air-conditioned bus then almost immediately returned to his seat for the duration of the event after complaining it was "too hot" within earshot of us (See attached photo.)

Trashtalk & antics aren't part of the Saints' team culture that is built around giving back to the community. Shockey never fit in as a Saint, so his next bus ticket was to Carolina.

On the field, Shockey is a pale shadow of his former self today. But his trashtalk has never been better! So there is that.

Panthers you have my sympathy (sort of.)

Photo of Jeremy Shockey taken by QueenWhoDat at Saints' rally to support Plaquemines Parish during the B.P. Oil Spill, June 8, 2010 (or so the .jpg file says.)