What about Reggie Bush the hot topic this offseason for the New Orleans Saints. Bush has expressed respectively, he would like return to the Saints. On the flip side of that the Saints stated they want him back. But is there really room for four running backs in the backfield they resigned Pierre Thomas and selected Mark Ingram in the draft in April and they also Chris Ivory that made impact while Thomas and Bush were injured last year before injuring himself.

What to believe remains in perspective and for a brief moment on draft day the Saints and Bush were on different sides of the fence so is Bush returning to the Saints

“To me, it looked like the team was moving on without me,” Bush told ESPN’s Colin Dominguez on SportsCenter last week, when asked about his infamous tweet after Mark Ingram was drafted.

In the essence of all this he actually feels positive about returning to New Orleans this coming season. He says he wished he stayed quiet and feels terrible about it.

“I’m looking forward to getting this thing over with, getting back to playing football,” Bush said.

If the Saints want him back and Bush wants to be back there should be no road blocks in having him work out a deal with the team as soon as the lockout ends.  On the other hand he can be pursued by other teams willing to grant him more, to force him to go elsewhere.  No matter what teams may decide to look at Bush they also need to be aware of his past injuries that have plagued him during his career.

Of course like many running backs they blame injuries on field turf and love the feel of playing on grass more.

“I would attribute a lot of [my injuries] to field turf.  There is a big difference between grass and turf,” Bush said. AP Interview

Well there is a big difference but out of Bush six injuries only three have been due to playing on the turf and only one actually happen in the Superdome. So could that really be the issue or is he hinting again he may be gone in New Orleans.

Who knows were all this is surfacing from? But it’s a pretty weak excuse if you ask me. I hate when athlete no matter what sport there in have too much control almost boring you on their simple pleasures in a world of contracts, agents, general managers and owners that are really not on the same page now anyway.